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The “fabric” of our history – trip to Linen Mills on 14th Feb 2019

A Peace IV funded Linen Mills tour “Flax to Fabric” of Moygashel Museum and Linen Mills Museum, Lisburn, will take place on Thursday 14th February, leaving McNally’s Car park at 9.30am. Flax has been grown in Ireland, and linen woven, since ancient times: it’s mentioned in early Irish legal codes and in the life of Saint Brigid, and even the Tudor noblemen had a gripe about Irish people using so much in their yellow clothes.… Read More >

Trip to Dan Winter’s Cottage on 7th March 2019

A Peace IV funded visit to the ancestral home of Dan Winters in Loughgall, Co Armagh, the birthplace of Orangeism, will take place on Thursday 7th March, bus leaving McNally’s carpark at 9.30am.

Numbers at all Monaghan Network events are limited, participants are targeted through community groups throughout the county, and new member groups at various stages of development. These groups include all traditions, nationalities and cultures, and ethnic minority and minority faith communities.Read More >

Music workshop “in tune” for peace building on 17th December 2018

A Peace IV funded music workshop took place in the Four Seasons hotel on Monday 17th December, it was a lovely event with music, song, dance and poetry. Thanks to Peter, Fabian and Pat who provided the music, and to all the people who participated. A very special and enjoyable part of the evening was the contribution of people whose first language was not English – we had lovely songs in Polish and Indian – as well as traditional songs featuring war and emigration, old Irish “come all ye’s”, and Christmas carols.… Read More >