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“Romancing the Border” storytelling night gets a great “reception”

“Romancing the Border” was the theme of a Peace IV storytelling night on Monday 11th February, and there were lots of stories of romance, love, heartbreak, and matters of “wife and debt”. The event was facilitated by Francis McCarron, and it wasn’t long until people contributed all kinds of stories – lost love, chat up lines, cross border barriers to romance, dancing decks, carnivals, and weddings.… Read More >

Study visit to GPO Dublin on 13th December 2017

The beautiful neoclassical facade of the GPO Dublin’s GPO provided a fitting location for a Monaghan Community Network study visit on Wednesday 13th December 2017 to engage ethnic minorities and minority faith communities, an event of the Cultural Awareness Programme which is supported by the PEACE IV programme, managed by the Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB). This event was chosen because culture-aware approaches contribute to understanding, preventing, mitigating and recovering from conflicts.… Read More >

Social dancing – making a world of difference

Social dancing organised by Monaghan Community Network continues each Monday night in Smithboro Hall, and already there are participants from Monaghan, Armagh, Cavan and Monaghan, as well as member of new immigrant communities in the area. The events are fun activities which promote social connections and strengthen communities, they are a great way to meet new friends along the way. The social dancing continues until Monday 4th December 2017.… Read More >